MT-Script works ONLY on PC.
To work with MT-Script you MUST HAVE InDesign and MATHTYPE installed on your computer!

MT-Script can be used with all versions of InDesign from CS3 and till last ones CC2017, CC2018, CC2019, CC2020 and so on.

Please, install MT-Script-CC for using with InDesign СС2017, СС2018, CC2019, CC2020


ONE serial number (one license) allows to register MT-Script ONLY on ONE COMPUTER!.

If you wish to register MT-Script on two, three and so on computers you must buy two, three and so on licenses.

If you buy 4 licenses you will get 5th one for free! Each 5th license (serial number) is a gift.

This short review shows the advantages of MT-Script when you work with MathType equations in InDesign.

MT-Script works with equations of MathType 6.0 and above and with InDesign from CS3 to CC.

It allows you to work with MathType equations in InDesign as though you are working in Word.

MT-Script allows you to

  • import equations from Word into InDesign. Equations in InDesign remain editable as they were in Word.
  • edit equations directly in InDesign as native objects;
  • create new equation in InDesign;
  • format all or some equations in selection directly in InDesign;
  • find and change some characters in equations;
  • export InDesign publication to RTF with editable MathType equations. The forward and backward conversion Word-InDesign have been perfectly created in MT-Script;
  • convert your old publications created without MT-Script to MT-Script standard to work with equations easily and perfectly;
  • compose publication from earlier created ones with equations very simply just by copy-paste. MT-Script will help to prevent from broken links after copying.

You can test it as full functional system from the second part of Friday till the end of Monday every week. Just download the installer or install MT-Script manually (it's for free) and test it.

MT-Script works only in Windows.

Do you want to try MT-Script? Please, download and install it just now. And every weekend from 5 p.m. Friday till half a day Monday (Moscow time) you'll be able to use MT-Script with full functionality for free (your computer must have Internet connection).

Got problems or have questions, please, ask me about MT-Script (MathType+InDesign) just now -->

Skype: vvmikizil.

I'm very pleased to help you with MathType equations in InDesign and to show that workflow combining MathType & InDesign is very easy and effectively way to do perfect publication.

Thank you,
Mikizil Vladislav

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