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  • 1 Uploading MTRegister.ini
  • 2 Downloading the key file

To register MT-Script you have to receive a key file created especially for your computer.

Lets briefly review what this key file is and where it must appear. Open palette Scripts in your InDeisign and find a folder User->MT-Script-CS*->MTGateCS*. The key file (its name is MT-Script-YourKey.inf) must be there. This file you can get by automatical registration (click Keys Generator form menu MT-Script-CS** in InDesign) or by this service.


To register MT-Script, please,

  • start Key's Generator from InDesign menu MT-Script.
  • Type your serial number and e-mail and click Cancel.
  • Find a file MTRegister.ini in folder MT-Script-CS*/MTGate*/. Where is it? Open palette Scripts in InDesign, find subfolder MT-Script-CS** in folder named as User. Right click on it and open in Explorer. Do you see folder MTGate**? Open it and you will see MTRegister.ini. You have to upload it into this service.
  • It's time to click "Receive a key file".
  • As the result you will get the link to the key file (named as MT-Script-YourKey.inf)
  • Please, download this key file (MT-Script-YourKey.inf) and copy it into the folder MT-Script-CS*/MTGate*/ (where MTRegister.ini is)

That's all. MT-Script is ready to work.

Something wrong? Don't worry, just write me by e-mail (mvlad48@gmail.com), phone (8-928-622-87-04) or send message by Skype (vvmikizil).