This script allows to find and change in MathType equations in InDesign.

How to Find & Change in MathType equations?

Select some text of frame with text or select nothing to process all publication.

Start script MT-FindChange-CS**.jsx (or from menu MT-Script-CS**->Find/Change in equations). The dialog will appear.

find & change in MathType equations


1field "Find"

Type here what you want to find. All spaces are ignored. Greek characters or some special charactes you can type by choosing from dialog box (1-1).

If "Find" is empty the filed "Change" is unactive and script works in global regeme. You can set for example "Reset all Nudge", "Clear Embell", "Reset small/larger" and "Clear other sizes" and process all equations in selection or in a whole publication to reset manually set parameters in equations (see below). This is like a cleaning process.

2 "Text Styles"

Possible values:

"Any style" — search independently of style;

"Math" — search in mathematical styles — Variable, Function, Greek-Symbol;

"Text", "Function", "Variable", "Greek-Symbol", "Vector-Matrix", "User1", "User2" — search in a determined style;

"Another style" — search characters with custom styles set in MathType in menu MathType — Style > Other... or placed by Insert Symbol... (see menu MathType Edit > Insert Symbol...).

3"Size Styles"

You can set any MathType preset size style or choose "Any size" or "Other size". Other size is nonstandard size set by menu MathType — Size > Other...

4 "Template Styles"

You can search characters in any part of equation or in concrete part which were determined by some template. What is the template in MathType. Lets see an example. Try to type a fraction in MathType. First of all you must click on template palette on appropriate template and then type in numerator and in denominator. It is what I keep in mind when talking "the template".

«В любых и без шаблона» — search regardless on templates.

«Вне шаблона» — search in parts of equation where template haven't been used.

find & change in MathType equations


5 "Change" — type here characters you want to replace. All spaces are ignored.

6 "Text Styles"

Choose text styles for changed characters.

Text, Function, Variable, Greek-Symbol, Vector-Matrix, User1, User2 — apply these styles to characters.

"Math" — apply smart style "Math" which can decide automatically type of text string (if it is standard function then style Function will be applied, else applied style Variable).

You can add standard functions by yourself in file MT-UserFunctions.ini in MT-Script.

7 "Size styles"

Set "Any size" if you don't want to change apllied style of size or choose those one you want to see in changed character.

8 "Template Styles" is blocked because MT-Script doesn't allow to change template in equation.

9 "Reset All Nudge"

You can shift characters in MathType window by clicking Ctrl + arrows (right, left, up, down), can't you? To remove all shifts in equation you can choose in MathType menu command Format>Reset Nudge.

Turn switcher "Reset All Nudge" on in this script to remove all manually made shifts. Applied to all viewed equations even if changes in equations have not been done.

10 "Clear Embell"

If equations have Embells under characters you can remove it automatically. Just turn this switcher on. Embells will be removed in all viewed equations even if changes in equations have not been done.

11"Reset Smaller/Larger"

MathType allows user to change size of characters by commands (in MathType menu) Size>Smaller (Ctrl + <) или Size>Larger (Ctrl + >). Turn this switcher on to reset sizes applied by this MathType command. Applied to all viewed equations even if changes in equations have not been done.

12 "Clear Other sizes... Set to"

If an equation has characters with not styled sizes (size was set by Size>Other... command from menu in MathType), you can turn this switcher on and select size style. Characters will be changed with applying appropriate size style.

13Clear Pref, Preference file - ****, WMF, EPS.

Allows to change equations settings according to MathType preferences from preference file and change type of processed file (from WMF to EPS and vise a versa depending on you have choosed).