MT-Script can be used with all versions of InDesign from CS3 and till last ones CC2017, CC2018 and so on.

Please, install MT-Script-CC for using with InDesign СС2017, СС2018


ONE serial number allows to register MT-Script on ONE computer.

Each version of MT-Script demands appropriate serial number.

For example, you can use a serial number like this MTS6-0000-0000-ABC1 only for registration of MT-Script-CS6. But MT-Script-CS6 is only for use with Adobe InDesign CS6.

And MTS9-0000-0000-ABC1 is only for MT-Script-CS9 suitable for InDesign CC only.

ONE serial number costs 35 USD or 35 Euro.

There are three ways to do payment:

1. by WesternUnion (send me a request (Skype: vvmikizil OR Email: to receive information for transfer)

2. by Paypal dirrectly to my account (

3. by PayPal buttons below:


For payment in USD

Choose version of MT-Script
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For payment in EURO

Choose version of MT-Script
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I'll send you a serial number by email.

Have you got any questions? Please, ask me before payment, after payment or instead of payment.

My contacts are: OR; Skype: vvmikizil; Phone +7-928-622-87-04 (Russian or English, please).