MT-Script works ONLY on PC.
To work with MT-Script you MUST HAVE InDesign and MATHTYPE installed on your computer!

MT-Script can be used with all versions of InDesign from CS3 and till last ones CC2017, CC2018, CC2019, CC2020, CC2021, CC2022 and so on.

Please, install MT-Script-CC for using with InDesign СС2017, СС2018, CC2019, CC2020, CC2021, CC2022


ONE serial number (one license) allows to register MT-Script ONLY on ONE COMPUTER!.

If you wish to register MT-Script on two, three and so on computers you must buy two, three and so on licenses.

If you buy 4 licenses you will get 5th one for free! Each 5th license (serial number) is a gift.


ONE serial number allows to register MT-Script on ONE computer.

Each version of MT-Script demands appropriate serial number.

For example, you can use a serial number like this MTS6-0000-0000-ABC1 only for registration of MT-Script-CS6. But MT-Script-CS6 is only for use with Adobe InDesign CS6.

And MTS9-0000-0000-ABC1 is only for MT-Script-CS9 suitable for InDesign CC only.

ONE serial number costs 35 USD or 35 Euro.

Payment is available with:

1. WebMoney to my WMZ purse in USD --- Z107044027906

2. a transfer to my bank account in USD or EURO (if it is useful for you, please, ask for more information by email (,

Please PAY ATTENTION, there is no automatic sending of serial numbers. The developer prepares and activates each serial number personally. And as I'm being human I can not do it for 24/7. Sorry for the possible delay between buying and receiving a serial number. I live in Moscow time, and if your payment is made at night, I'm sorry, I can only send the serial number the next morning.

The serial number will be sent by email.

Have you got any questions? Please, ask me before payment, after payment or instead of payment.

My contacts are:

  • Email:,
  • Skype: vvmikizil
  • WhatsUp +7-928-622-87-04

1. Do you have InDesign and MathType installed on your computer? MT-Script demands as InDesign as MathType. It will NOT WORK if you have no InDesign and MathType installed on your computer!

2. Have you tested MT-Script in free test period (from Friday evening till Monday evening weekly)? If YES, please, you can make the purchase, if NO, please, try it before.

Sorry, the payment through PayPal is not available.
You can purchase MT-Script ONLY by WesternUnion OR by transfer to my bank account in USD or Euro.