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It is very important not only to do book layout but to make editing text with equations. MT-Script can help you. It can not only start MathType with equation but also automatically align it in correspondence with new size of equation and baseline position after editing.

To edit MathType equation in publication select it by Selection tool and click Edit the equation from menu MT-Script-CS**.

MathType will be opened with equation. You can edit it and then close MathType with saving equation.

Then edited equation will be reimported into InDesign and will be aligned in text acording with parameters from global MT-Script preferences.

If you will close MathType without saving of equation then MT-Script do nothing.

Lets review influences of some parameters from global MT-Script preferences on editing MathType equations by MT-Script.

global MT-Script preferences

If "Switch on checking of equations duplication (for script MT-Edit)" is turned on then MT-Script will check duplicated equations and make links unique before each editing. This feature can be very useful but there is one limitation. If the publication contains a lot of equations this process can spend a lot of time. In this case I suppose turn it off and check it occasionally manually. I hope you remember when you done copy-paste of equations. After that, please, click menu "MT-Script-CS**-->Test duplicated equations" to avoid problems with doubling links in the future.

If "Additional displacement downwards from the equation in the one-line paragraph" and "Switch on checking of one- and multiline paragraph transition" are turned on then the script will change wrapping for all equations in paragraph (with editable equation) when number of lines in paragraph is changed from one to more then one and vise a versa. If "Switch on checking of one- and multiline paragraph transition" are turned off then wrapping changes only for editable equation. Parameters of all other equations in the paragraph will not be changed.